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Le Troquet

Bouvet 1851 Méthode Traditionelle

Bouvet 1851 Méthode Traditionelle

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Introduction: Bouvet Ladubay 1851 Methode Traditionelle NV stands as a living tribute to the rich history and expertise of the Bouvet-Ladubay house. This vintage, aptly named "1851," reflects the culmination of time-honored traditions, with fermentation taking place directly in the bottle. Rested for an extended period to achieve optimal maturity, this sparkling wine boasts a captivating balance and fruity notes, complemented by a delightfully velvety mousse.

Food Pairing: Elevate your tasting experience by savoring this sparkling gem as an aperitif among good friends, paired with an array of hors d'oeuvres. For a more immersive culinary delight, indulge in the cuvée's fruity notes alongside fish or seafood, creating the perfect harmony between food and wine.

Technical Information:

Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Color: White
Type: Sparkling Wine
Grape Varieties: 100% Chenin Blanc
Vintage: Non-Vintage
Dryness: Brut
Alcohol Content: 12,5% Vol.
Bottle Size: 0.75 L
Aging Time: Minimum 9 months
Dosage: 11g/L
Serving Temperature: 6-8°C

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