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Champagne Paul Goerg Millésime 2012

Champagne Paul Goerg Millésime 2012

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Introduction: Paul Goerg Millesime 2012 stands as an exquisite testament to the heights Champagne can reach, crafted from selected parcels in the heart of the Vertus 1er cru terroir. This vintage is a harmonious blend of 85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir, capturing the essence of the finest years in Champagne's history. The culmination of meticulous craftsmanship and the unique characteristics of this exceptional vintage, this sparkling wine reflects the artistry of the renowned house.

Food Pairing: Paul Goerg Millesime 2012 invites a sensory journey, making it an ideal companion for various culinary delights. For the aperitif, serve it at 8°C to unveil its freshness. For a salty balance, pair it with oysters at 10°C. Explore its versatility with Saint Pierre in capers sauce at 12°C or savor the nuances with just-right cooked sweetbreads at 13°C. Each serving temperature enhances the sparkling wine's complexity and complements specific flavor profiles.

Technical Information:

  • Country: France
  • Region: Vertus, Champagne
  • Color: White
  • Type: Sparkling Wine
  • Grape Varieties: 85% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Noir
  • Vintage: 2012
  • Dryness: Extra Brut
  • Alcohol Content: 12,5% Vol.
  • Bottle Size: 0,75 L
  • Dosage: 5g/L 
  • Aging Time: 9 Years on lees
  • Serving Temperature: 8-10°C
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