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Les Jamelles Chardonnay Organic

Les Jamelles Chardonnay Organic

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Introduction: Les Jamelles Chardonnay Organic is a testament to the profound expertise and enduring partnerships that have been cultivated over the years in the vibrant terroirs of the Languedoc region. Crafted with meticulous adherence to the stringent standards of organic agriculture, this Chardonnay unfolds the richness of the northeastern Languedoc's slopes along the Gard River. Embraced by a hot Mediterranean climate, tempered by cool, humid nights, and the Mistral wind, these vineyards yield grapes of exceptional quality. Pruned with care and limited in yield, approximately 30% lower than conventional viticulture, the grapes are a true expression of the organic commitment.

Food Pairing: Les Jamelles Chardonnay Organic is a versatile companion for gastronomic pleasures. Indulge in its harmonious blend of apricot, pear, and banana, accompanied by notes of white flowers and lightly toasted hazelnut. This Chardonnay pairs elegantly with a diverse array of dishes— from fish adorned with a sauce and succulent poultry to a monkfish flan, seafood in puff pastry, scallops au gratin, or goat’s cheeses. Catherine Delaunay, the artisan behind this masterpiece, recommends savoring it with baked filet of cod marinated in olive oil and cilantro or a tatin-style ratatouille tart. For vegans, it complements a tian, quinoa tabbouleh, or a caramelized onion pissaladière.

Technical Information:

Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Color: White
Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Vintage: 2022
Alcohol Content: 13% Vol.
Bottle Size: 0,75 L
Aging: 5 months in tanks on fine lees
Serving Temperature: 10°-12°C

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